My name is Jeddy Grant, and I have two opposable thumbs. I also have a musical mind, and often find myself thinking in music, the same way you may think in English, or Spanish, and such. I'm One-man-bandable. That is to say that I know how to play many instruments, and fucking love to sing. Thinking in the 4th demension (Time:Past, Present, Future) scares me. Especially the future, that's what hurts the most. In Quantum thinking, The future can effect your present even more so than your past. And so for your whole life your caught between two evils, decisions and choices, possibilities untold, the great unknown. And until you yourself force nature to fall upon itself and set the course, every possibility is 100% likely. so just live for the now, and leave nature to do it's own thing, she's the bitch in charge anyway. • Ask me! Now!
Between Scylla and Charybdis